Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Welfare Service- for Students

University Residence
The University provides accommodation to the students in the Halls of Residence situated on the University premises. The basis on which the students are allocated to Halls of Residence may change from time to time, depending on the number of vacancies available in each Halls of Residence.
(Tel No: Student Accommodation Division- 081-2392428)

Sports and Recreation
For recreation, facilities such as playgrounds, tennis courts and a cinder track are found on the University premises for the students to participate in outdoor sports like cricket, rugger, soccer, hockey, tennis volleyball, athletics etc. The students could use a well equipped gymnasium where they could participate in indoor games such as badminton, basket ball, tabletennis, weight lifting, etc.
(Tel No: 081-2392162)
A theater for screening of films, documentaries, etc. and an open air theater for dramas are also available in the university premises.

Medical Centre
The University Health Centre is open to all students during week days in two sessions (morning and afternoon) per day. During the weekends and public holidays, only emergency cases are treated. University Medical Officers are on call to attend to any emergency.
(Tel No: 081-2388152, Chief Medical Officer: 081-2392024)

Student Counseling
The Faculty of Dental Science maintains a student counseling service to assist and guide students who have problems pertaining to academic, social and personal matters. These services are offered by senior members of the academic staff. Apart from that the Career Guidance Unit of the University of Peradeniya also provides counseling service for students.
(Career Guidance Unit Tel No: 081-2392013)

Banking Facilities
The People's Bank and the Bank of Ceylon have their sub-branches on the University premises in addition to the main branches at Peradeniya. Mahapola scholarship money to students is paid through the Bank of Ceylon, campus branch, which is located in the Senate Building.

The University maintains canteens in each of the Halls of Residence. In addition, the Faculty of Dental Sciences has its own canteen next to the Dental Hospital.

Post Office
Peradeniya post-office is located in the Galaha junction.
(Tel No: 081-2386441)

Telephone Exchange
University Telephone Exchange is located opposite the New Arts Theatre.
(Tel No: 081-2392000)

Barber saloon, Laundry and Tailoring Shop
These are available in the Students' Centre.

Police and Security Service
The closest police station is situated on the Kandy-Colombo road in Peradeniya.
(Tel No: Police Station – Peradeniya 081-2388222/081-2388033)
Any incident regarding the security of University property or any incident of breach of law can be reported to the security personnel at the security posts in the Faculties and the Senate building. The main Security Office is located near the New Arts Theatre.
(University Security Tel No: 081-2392133, Faculty of Dental Sciences: 081-2397507)

Book Shops and Grocery Shops
The Faculty book shop is situated below the canteen. The main book shop is situated at the Students Centre. University publications can be purchased from the sales outlet in the Senate building. Groceries are available in the cooperative store at the North End (near the USO), and at the Peradeniya town.

Places of Worship
A Buddhist Temple, a Hindu Kovil, a Mosque, a Christian church and a Catholic Church are available in the premises of the university.

Other Student Related Matters
Student Registration Matters : Student Registration Division (Tel No: -081-2392324)
For the Student IDs. : Student Registration Division (Tel No: -081-2392325)
Bursary and Mahapola : Student Services Division (Tel No: -081-2392322)

For further Details please visit: http://www.pdn.ac.lk/student/student.php