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Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Dental Hospital
Clinic areas and other units

Ground floor
  • Main Reception Counter
  • Screening & Diagnostic Clinic
  • Routine OPD clinics
  • Emergency Services Clinic
  • Pharmacy
Room 3 - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery:
     Clinics/ Ward / Operating Theatre / MOT / ICU

Room 4 - Oral Medicine Clinic and Laboratory
Radiology division

First Floor
Room 7 - Periodontology Clinic
Room 8 - Restorative Dentistry Clinic
Room 9 - Prosthetic Dentistry Clinic

Second Floor
Room 10 - Paedodontic Clinic
Room 11 - Orthodontic Clinic

Third Floor
Oral Pathology Laboratory

The modern state of the art Dental (Teaching Hospital) Peradeniya has been constructed and equipped for student learning, delivery of patient care and research collaborations with the commissioning of the New Dental Faculty building complex in 1998 through JICA ODA grant-aid provided directly to the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Dental Hospital occupying the Block B of the building complex contains Academic Departments/Divisions of Oral Medicine, Dental Radiology, Oral & Amxillofacial Surgery, Restorative Dentistry, Prosthetic Dentistry, Periodontology, Paedodontics, Orthodontics, Community Dentistry, Oral Pathology and General Pathology. The clinical dentistry disciplines have well equipped clinical floor areas for Student practice and outdoor/indoor patient areas for comprehensive management. All clinical floor areas for student practice are being manned by university dental nursing staff and supporting staff.

Heads of Clinical Departments and Divisions perform the administrative function where Senior Academic staff will function as consultants in the professorial units of the dental hospital. Their services include undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, research activities and patient management.

The Dean of Faculty of Dental Sciences with relevant Heads of Departments and Divisions function in close cooperation with the Deputy Hospital Director and Director, Peradeniya Teaching Hospital for the management of the Dental Hospital.


Dean, Faculty of Dental Sciences
Dr JAVP Jayasinghe          
081 239 7201, PABX 7201

Deputy Director, Dental Hospital          
081 239 7250, PABX  7250    

Dental Faculty Matron                    
081 239 7505, PABX  7505    

Main Reception Counter                     
081 239 7252, PABX  7252    

Telephone Operator, Dental Hospital
081 238 7500, PABX  7000

Patient Information & Procedures:

First Visit Patients
All first visit patients seeking treatment at the dental hospital will be screened at the daignostic clinic conducted on weekday 7.30am at the Room 4-Oral Medicine Clinic and cases suitable for teaching wll be directed towards university clinics and rest will be treated at the routine OPD clinics which serve patients on Saturdays also.
Routine OPD Clinics:
Room 1
Room 2
Room 5
Room 6

Patients directed for university clinics should get registererd at the reception counter and obtain Patient Record Folders  before proceeding to relevant clnics.
University Clinics:
Room 3 - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Room 4 - Oral Medicine
Room 7 - Periodontology
Room 8 - Restorative Dentistry
Room 9 - Prosthetic Dentistry
Room 10 - Paedodontics
Room 11 - Orthodontic

Emergency Services Clinic
(081 239 7259, PABX 7259 )
Emergency services will be maintaine 24hrs and patients requiring indoor treatment would be admitted

Patients refreed from other hospitals, ans institutions will also be treated by relevant clinics.