Unit for the Development of Dental Education

Faculty of Dental Sciences

Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya


To provide leadership in planning and developing dental education and to facilitate sustainable resource development in the field of Dental Education both nationally and in the South Asian Region


1. Identification of newer areas for improvement in Dental education
2. Developing linkages among different sectors related to Dental education
3. Collaborating with national and international centres of excellence in medical and dental education
4. Enhancing sustainability of relevant institutions
5. Promoting innovations in both undergraduate and post graduate dental education and policy and quality standard formulation
6. Promoting multidisciplinary research in Dental education

Span of activities of the UDDE include:

1. Conducting workshops and lectures for continuing professional development of academic staff, trainers of health professions education.
2. Gathering and analysis of required information for the development of dental education
3. Facilitating dialogue on trends in dental education
4. Carrying out educational research
5. Providing consultancy services
6. Publishing educational material