English Language Teaching Unit

Faculty of Dental Sciences

Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya


Grammar & Writing

The objective of the above component is to introduce grammatical rules and structures which would enable students to engage in various writing exercises. This would include descriptions, paragraph writing, summarizing, describing processes, essay writing, letter writing etc.

Reading & Comprehension

The purpose of this component is to test each student’s ability to read and understand a given text. Understanding a given text would mean that the student be able to answer the questions and summarize the content. Methods of skimming and scanning in reading are introduced.


Engaging in speech activities would enhance students’ ability to listen, understand and respond verbally. During the course, emphasis will be on communicative activities that would involve day to day happenings, greetings, dialogues, facing interviews, impromptu speeches etc.


Listening is a skill that involves students’ ability to listen to a text that is being read out or a recording, understanding and answering the given questions to the point. Short texts on current global happenings and general and academic texts are used for this purpose.