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Pedodontics Clinic


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Division of Pedodontics is housed in the second floor of the B building of the Faculty of Dental Sciences. 

Consultants/Academic staff Members

There are five academic staff members presently attached to the Department.

Prof. EMUCK Herath (BDS) MS ( Restorative Dentistry)FDSRCS (Ped)
DrV Vijaykumaran(BDS) MPhil
DrLKNPremathilake(BDS) MS ( Restorative Dentistry- Acting consultant)
Dr. HMSC Diissanayake(BDS)MS ( Restorative Dentistry-Senior Registrar)
Dr.N H Senarath (BDS)

In addition, there are post graduate trainees attached to PGIM and four House Officers/ Senior House attached to the Department to provide much needed service function for the patients. Undergraduate dental students manage pre-selected patients for their training requirement under the direct supervision of the academic staff.
Available treatments
Paedodontics  provide dental care to all children and adolescents( < 16 years)
This includes patients with common dental diseases such as tooth decay, traumatic dental injuries  and gum diseases.(dental caries, early childhood caries and periodontal diseases).
Pedodontics division extends the services to children with special needs and medical conditions.
It is the only specialized unit in Sri Lanka , which is equipped with clinicians as well as facilities to enable multitude of treatment aspects to all the patients.

  • Preventive treatments

Oral  hygiene instructions
Dietary analysis and modifications
Fluoride (gel/varnish)application

  • Stabilization

   Full mouth scaling and polishing


  • Definitive


    Surgical and nonsurgical tooth removal

    Minor oral surgery( soft tissue management)

    Permanent restorations

    Root canal treatment(  primary / permanent)

    Fixed prosthesis( crown placement)

   Removable prosthesis( dentures)

Multi disciplinarytreatment( Orthodontic and Oral &Maxillo facial surgery)


  • Follow up

Patients will be followed up after completion of the definitive treatments .

The time gap and frequency of follow up will be decided by the clinician , depending on the patients requirements.

Available facilities

  • Play area for the child patients
  • Radiological investigations
  • Minor oral surgery
  • Inhalation sedation unit
  • General anesthesia under the department of Oral & maxilla facial surgery


Patients  are  referred to this division from the diagnostic  clinic or OPD/ETU.
They will be registered at the reception of the division of pedodontics and a number is allocated to each patients .This order will vary according to the number of visits the patients has already completed at this clinic.
Since young children are often accompanied by their caregivers, it is a challenge to control the crowd inside the clinic, therefore your kind cooperation to abide by the instructions provided by the supporting staff , will be highly appreciated.
Working with children is  a rewarding  experience ,which is beneficial to the child and the parents. Therein, your  willingness to  learn and evolve using the knowledge given by the clinicians will progress  into a healthy  mouth and better quality of life, under  our care.

Special clinics & hours
Normal clinical hours are  from
8.30 am to 12 noon in the morning session and
2.00 -   4.00 pm in the afternoon session from Monday to Friday
(Except on Tuesday afternoons, where the clinic would be closed for cleaning purposes .)
Consultant clinic
Consultants see the patients every day during normal clinic hours
Special consultation for Children with special needs is held on every Wednesday morning along with Paediatric medical consultation .

Treatment available free of charge
Temporary restoration-
Permanent Restorative treatment – GIC/LCC
Dental extractions
Minor oral surgery

Charged treatments ; current rates.
Stainless steel crown–Rs 3000/-
Removable prosthesis –dentures – Refer Department of Prosthodontics
Root canal dressings–Rs 750/-
Root canal obturation–Rs 1000/-