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Prosthetic Dentistry Clinic


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Department of Prosthetic Dentistry is housed in the first floor of the B building of the Faculty of Dental Sciences. 

Consultants/ staff members

Dr JAVP Jayasinghe (BDS, MS ( Restorative Dentistry)
Dr IP Thilakumara(BDS, MS ( Restorative Dentistry)
Dr RM Jayasinghe.  (BDS, MS ( Restorative Dentistry)
Dr. RMSGK Rasnayaka (BDS)

In addition, there are post graduate trainees attached to PGIM, about twoHouse Officers/ Senior House Officers and academic staff on temporary basisattached to the Department to provide much needed service function for the patients. Undergraduate dental students manage pre-selected patients for their training requirement under the direct supervision of the academic staff.

Available treatment


  • Removable dentures provided by the department include complete dentures for patients who have lost all teeth; partial dentures for patients who have lost one or more teeth; immediate dentures where the denture would be fitted on the same day as the extraction.
  • Surgical plates and obturators

   These are prosthetic devices given for patients who are going to have the part of their hard palate removed as part of a treatment procedure. Surgical plates are made before the surgery and will be fitted at the time of surgery to minimize the discomfort and improve functions. Obturators are usually made after surgery once the surgical site is healed to an appropriate degree. These obturators can also be made with replacing missing teeth too

  • Maxillofacial prosthesis

For replacement of missing structures such as ear, nose and eye

  • Occlusal splints

As part of a treatment for tempero-mandibular joint disorders

  • All sort of repairs and additions are also undertaken for the dentures made in the Department.
  • Implants supported complete dentures

Available facilities

A service lab with fully trained 10 technical officers is housed in the same premises to provide a good service to the patients.


Special clinics & hours

Normal clinical hours
8.30 am to 12 noon in the morning session and
1.30 -   4 pm in the afternoon session on each working day from Monday to Friday except Tuesday afternoon where the clinic would be closed for cleaning purposes 

Consultant clinic
Consultants see the patients every day during normal clinic hours
Treatment available free of charge
All the surgical plates and obturators and other prosthesis made for the patients undergoing treatment for cancer are provided free of charge

Charged treatments

  • Complete Dentures Upper and lower- 2500/Rs
  • Acrylic partial denture-500 Rs+ 100 Rs for every tooth replaced
  • Metal Partial denture(upper/ lower)- 2500Rs+   100Rs for   every tooth replaced
  • Nylon denture 5000Rs
  • Copy denture-3000Rs
  • Addition of a tooth to existing denture made at the Department 100Rs
  • Repair of an existing denture made at the Department 100Rs
  • Implant supported dentures-assessment of charges is under review