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Basic Sciences

Faculty of Dental Sciences

Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Dr. H.M.R.W. Angammana

Lecturer in Anatomy

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Department of Basic Sciences
Faculty of Dental Sciences,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka

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Lecturer in Anatomy, Department of Basic Sciences, University of Peradeniya

    BDS (1st class honors, 2014)- University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
    Temporary lecturer Department of Restorative Dentistry 02/2014 to 01/2015
    Temporary lecturer Department of Basic Sciences 01/2015 to 05/2015
    Lecturer probationary Department of Basic Sciences 05/2015 to date
    Medals and Prize received from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 2014 BDS First class Honors with,
  • M. A. B. BritoMuthunayagam Gold Medal (2014)
  • Gold Medal for Excellence in Restorative Dentistry (2014)
  • RanjanAbeysinghe Prize for Dental Surgery (2014)
  • SLDA Gold Medal 2013/2014 for the best student of the year received from Sri Lanka Dental Association in June, 2014
  • Committee Member of Peradeniya Dental Faculty Teachers' Association (PDFTA) for the year 2016
  • Editor of the Sri Lanka Dental Association (Kandy Branch) for the year 2016
  • SumithGunawardane, Randilini Angammana, ShyamaBannaheka, ManilFonseka. Oral Health Status and the Impact of Socio-behavioral Factors in Institutionalized Children - Sri Lanka. American Journal of Public Health Research. 2016, 4(5), 176-180. DOI: 10.12691/ajphr-4-5-3

  • S.R. Gunawardane, H.M.R.W. Angammana, N.N. Palanage, B.M.H.S.K. Bannaheka, M.C.N. Fonseka, J.M. JayasundaraBandara. “Oral Health Status and Treatment Needs Among Institutionalized Children In The Central Province of Sri Lanka.” Sri Lanka Dental Journal 2015; 45(03) 85-93

  • R. Angammana, N. Piyarathne, S. Mendis, C. Jayawardena. “ Computer usage and attitudes towards e- learning among dental students in Sri Lanka” - Edulearn15 proceedings, pages: 4207-4214 .ISBN: 978-84-606-8243-1 / ISSN: 2340-1117.publisher: IATED

  • SumithGunawardane, Randilini Angammana, ShyamaBanneheka, ManilFonseka. “Oral Health Status of Institutionalized Children­ Kandy District, Sri Lanka”, FDI World Dental Congress-2016 (7th – 10th September)

  • Angammana H.M.R.W, Peiris R.D, Banneheka B.M.H.S.K, Arambawatta A.K.S. “Morphometric analysis of mandibular and mental foramen in a contemporary Sri Lankan population- A preliminary study” Annual Scientific Sessions of SLDA Kandy branch-2016 (17th January,2016) ISSN:2478-0286

  • Gunawardane S.R, Angammana H.M.R.W, Rasnayaka R.M.S.G.K, Mudiyanse R. M, Banneheka B.M.H.S.K, Fonseka M.C.N. “Health Related quality of life of institutionalized children in the Central Province, Sri lanka” Annual Scientific Sessions of SLDA Kandy branch-2016 (17th January,2016) ISSN:2478-0286

  • H.M.R.W. Angammana, H. R. D. Peiris, Y.M.T.Y. Wijeratne, K.M.T.R. Seneviratne, P.P.K. Wickramaratne, , K.P. Mallikaratne, N.S. Piyaratne, S. Mendis, B.M.H.S.K. Bannehaka, A.K.S. Arambawatta, J.A.C.K. Jayawardena, C.D. Nanayakkara. “Metric and non-metric characteristics of femur in a contemporary Sri Lankan population”, Peradeniya University International Research Sessions-2015 (5th-6th November)

  • SumithGunawardane, Randilini Angammana, Nilantha Palanage, SamathDharmarathna, ShyamaBanneheka, ManilFonseka. “Dental caries experience and perception of oral health among institutionalized children in Sri Lanka”, Peradeniya University International Research Sessions-2015 (5th-6th November)

  • W.IshankaMalsiri, S.R. Gunawardana, R. Angammana, “A Rare Instance in Creation of Statues Contained With Teeth”,8th Annual Research Conference on the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka (RASSL),26th – 28thMarch 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • Author of the book “Medical Terms” which was published by the “Wedasara” Foundation in 2012

  • Published a children’s educational story book “Nangitai Matai” (Sinhala language) in 2011 : ISBN -978-955-53803-1-7

  • CD publication- RuwanJayasinghe, SumithGunawardana ,Randilini Angammana, “Cone Beam CT-Do It Yourself” in 2014