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Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Faculty Sub Committees

    Terms of Reference
    Undergraduate Division of Faculty of Dental Sciences (UGD-FDS)

      The Undergraduate Division (UGD) of the Faculty of Dental Sciences is responsible for implementation, conducting and monitoring of the undergraduate study program of FDS under the directives of the Dean of the Faculty and guidelines established by the Board of the Faculty of Dental Sciences.
  • Two Coordinators representing different phases of the study program
  • Chairperson/Curriculum Committee (CCom)
  • Chairperson/Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC)
  • Director/ Unit for Development of Dental Education (UDDE)
  • Coordinator/ Students’ Welfare and Advisory Committee
  • Academic Coordinator/ Examination Division
  • Coordinator/ Faculty English Language Teaching Unit (FELTU)
  • Four (04) elected members among academic staff of FDS

  • Invited members:
    The committee of the UGD shall decide to invite any person/s to attend its meetings if the contribution of such person/s may advance its objectives. However such members shall be of non-voting capacity.
    Prof JAMS Jayatilaka - Co-ordiantor(Pre-clinical)
    Prof BSMS Siriwardena - Co-ordinator(Clinical)
    Prof WBMCRD Weerasekara - Co-ordinator(Clinical)
    Chairperson/Curriculum Committee
    Co-ordinator/Internal Quality Assurance Cell
    Director/Unit for Development of Dental Education
    Coordinator/Student Welfare and Advisory Committee
    Academic Coordinator/ Exam Unit
    Coordinator/English Language Teaching Unit
    Prof Dileep De Silva
    Prof BGTL Nandasena
    Prof RM Jayasinghe
    Dr PVKS Hettiarachchi

    Prof Dileep De Silva - Chairman
    Prof RD Jayasinghe
    Prof BSMS Siriwardena
    Dr JAVP Jayasinghe
    Prof WMSK Wijekoon
    Prof EMUCK Herath
    Prof VSN Vithanaarachchi
    Director UDDE- Prof Chantha Jayawardena
    Chairman, Faculty Research Committee

    Heads of Departments:
    Head/ Basic Sciences
    Head/ Community Dental Health
    Head/ Oral medicine and Periodontology
    Head/ Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    Head/ Oral Pathology
    Head/ Prosthetic Dentistry
    Head/ Restorative Dentistry

      International Affairs Committee (IAC) will liaise with any international scholar, grant agency, prospective student or university that would communicate/collaborate with the FDS and envisages encouraging and supporting academics, non-academics and students in their research/ study activities by providing information, links with international universities and institutions. Roles played by the IAC include promotion of research collaborations, staff and student exchange, cultural exchange, conducting awareness programmes, promotion of postgraduate training to attract international students, supporting incoming and outgoing staff and students on international collaborations. IAC will meet time to time and discuss the matters relevant to the international affairs of the FDS.

      Vision: to uphold the FDS as a centre of excellence in dental education and research in the South-East Asia with numerous global partnerships for creation and dissemination of knowledge in Dentistry.

      Mission: to contribute to improve dental education and research at the FDS through; international academic (student & staff) exchange, research collaborations, resources and facilities sharing and networking with scholars and institutions.
      IAC will consist of a coordinator and committee members appointed by the Faculty Board. Coordinator: Professor JAMS Jayatilake

      Committee members:
      Prof RD Jayasinghe
      Prof Dileep De Silva
      Prof WMPSK Wijekoon
      Prof MCN Fonseka
      Prof R.P. Illeperuma
      Dr D Leuke Bandara
      Dr. WBMCRD Weerasekera
      Dr. HSK Ratnatilake

    • To initiate, facilitate and appraise Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) and agreements for collaborative teaching and research activities with various international institutions.
    • To promote and coordinate the exchange of international scholars and students.
    • To facilitate international mobility of staff (academic & non-academic) and students of the FDS.
    • To monitor, maintain and update international relations of the FDS and to maintain a database of international activities.
    • To organize joint conferences, seminars, and workshops with international institutions.
    • To establish new research opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students with international institutions and strengthen existing research networks.
    • To have a network of leading alumni abroad and to get their help to initiate collaborations through their institutions.
    • To formulate, facilitate and compile material, information and infrastructure with regard to international relations of the FDS.
      Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Japan

      Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

      Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, India

      Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences (SIMATS) Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
      Training program in clinical dentistry for foreign dental undergraduates

      Elective studentships

      Certificate Course in Surgical Management of Oral Cancer with Reconstructive Methods
      International affairs Committee, Faculty of Dental Sciences (IAC-FDS)
      University of Peradeniya,
      Sri Lanka.

      Tele: 0812397520

      Fax: 081-2388948

      Email : iac@dental.pdn.ac.lk
    Dr PVKS Hettiarachchi - Co-ordinator
    Dr D Leuke Bandara - Deputy Co-ordinator
    Prof JACK Jayawardena- Director
    Chairman/ Curriculum committee
    Coordinator/ Undergraduate Division
    Coordinator / Internal Quality Assurance Cell
    Coordinator/ Examination Division
    Chairman/ Student Welfare and Advisory Committee
    Director/ Dental E-Learning Unit
    Chairman/ Faculty Research committee
    Chairman / Postgraduate and Higher Degrees Committee
    Prof BSMS Siriwardena
    Prof MP Paranagama
    Dr PVKS Hettiarachchi
    Dr KSND Gunawardhana
    Dr BKG Thilakarathna
    Dr GK Edirisinghe
    Dr WAMUL Abeyasinghe
    Dr HMRW Angammana
    Ms Kanthi Menike
    Ms I Kulasooriya
    Dr VSN Vithanaarachchi - Coordinator
    Dr HMRW Angammana - Assistant Academic Coordinator
    Senior Assistant Registrar/ Faculty of Dental Sciences – Administrative Coordinator

      Quality assurance cell of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya was established with the guidance of the Vice Chancellor, University of Peradeniya in 2016 according to the guidelines given by the QAAC of UGC. However, Faculty Quality Assurance activities were started in 2014 appointing a committee by the Faculty Board, Faculty of Dental Sciences according to the recommendations made by the Vice Chancellor, University of Peradeniya. The main functions of the FQAC are;
    • Liaise with Faculty Board of Dental Sciences appointed Sub-Committees and coordinate all Quality Assurance (QA) related activities within the Faculty.
    • Liaise with Unit for Development of Dental Education (UDDE) and Curriculum Development Committee to implement teacher, student, peer, evaluations and tracer studies to assure quality of education and analyze the data and provide recommendations.
    • Plan and implement quality assurance related training/capacity development workshops for the Faculty staff and students.
    • Plan and organize activities related to Institutional Review and Programme Review
    • Support to identify existing gaps and implement guidelines and policies in the teaching, learning and assessment process
    • Liaise with the Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU) of University of Peradeniya and Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council (QAAC) of Sri Lanka on the implementation of the QA Framework
      a. Liaise with the Director, Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU) of the University to coordinate university level Quality Assurance (QA) activities.
      b. Organize Faculty level QA Meeting on two months basis.
      c. Attend to specific issues as recommended by the University Quality Assurance Management Committee from time to time.
      d. Monitor the collation and analysis of Faculty level QA data such as peer review forms and student feedback forms.
      e. Coordinate with other related committees and units within the Faculty on matters related to QA activities.
      f. Prepare the Faculty for programme reviews conducted by the QAC and implementation of their recommendations.
      g. Submit recommendations to uplift the status of the faculty based on the stakeholder feedbacks, public surveys, statistics and other information.
      h. Providing information requested by the IQAU in order to operate its activities efficiently and effectively.
      i. Cooperate with the IQAU in reviewing and monitoring the quality of academic programmes, research and services provided by the faculties.
      j. Maintenance of records pertaining to finance at the faculty level.
    Dean, Chairman
    Prof NS Soysa - Co-ordinator
    Senior Assistant Registrar/FDS - Secretary/IQAC
    All Heads of Departments:
    Head/Dept. of Basic Sciences
    Head/Dept. of Community Dental Health
    Head/Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    Head/Dept. of Oral Medicine & Periodontology
    Head/Dept. of Oral Pathology
    Head/Dept. of Restorative Dentistry
    Head/Dept. of Prosthetic Dentistry
    Co-ordinator/UG Division
    Co-ordiantor/ UG Division
    Academic Co-ordinator/Examination Unit
    Chairman/PG & HD Committee
    Chairman/Curriculum Committee
    Mr. Dhammika Ihalagedera Matron/ Faculty of Dental Sciences
    Two Student Representatives
    Mr GA Pasindu Nuwan (D/18/005)
    Mr SKR Priyadarshani (D/16/049)

    Self Evaluation Report

    Internal Quality Assurance Unit
    University of Peradeniya
    Prof PR Jayasooriya- Chairperson
    Prof JAMS Jayathilake
    Prof EMUCK Hearth
    Prof Dileep De Silva
    Prof MP Paranagama
    Heads of Departments
    Head/ Basic Sciences
    Head/ Community Dental Health
    Head/ Oral medicine and Periodontology
    Head/ Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    Head/ Oral Pathology
    Head/ Prosthetic Dentistry
    Head / Restorative Dentistry
    Prof Dileep De Silva – Chairman/ Postgraduate and Higher Degrees Committee
    Prof NA de S Amaratunga
    Prof MAM Sitheeque
    Prof. BMHSK Banneheka, Chairman
    All Senior Student Counsellors
    Deputy Proctor
    Coordinator – Career Guidance Committee
    Senior Treasurer / DFSU
    Academic Coordinator / ELTU
    Prof BGTL Nandasena
    Prof BSMS Siriwardena
    Dr GK Edirisinghe
    Dr Vishva Dissanayake
    Two Student Representatives
    Dr GK Edirisinghe - Chairman
    Prof KM Wijerathne – Coordinator- Equipment Maintenance
    Prof BGTL Nandasena
    Prof GJ Panagoda
    Prof Dileep De Silva
    Prof WMPSK WIjekoon
    Dr PVKS Hettiarachchi(Sabbatical Leave)
    Dr HSK Rathnathilake
    Mr A Ekanayake
    Mr S Ranasinghe
    Ms KM Manathunga
    Mr A Gamage
    Heads of Departments
    Head/ Basic Sciences
    Head/ Community Dental Health
    Head/ Oral medicine and Periodontology
    Head/ Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    Head/ Oral Pathology
    Head/ Prosthetic Dentistry
    Head/ Restorative Dentistry
    Dr. HMTDK Herath – Coordinator
    Dr KSND Gunawardena
    Mrs D Senanayake - ELTU Co-ordinator
    Dr D Leuke Bandara – Director
    Prof JACK Jayawardena
    Prof EMUCK Herath
    Prof JAMS Jayathilake
    Prof MP Paranagama
    Prof RM Jayasinghe
    Prof NSS Jayasuriya
    Dr GK Edirisinghe
    Dr KSND Gunawardena
    Dr S Ratnapreya
    Dr V Dissanayake
    Dr D Thalakiriyawa
    Senior Assist. Librarian/ Faculty of Dental Sciences
    Audio Visual Technical Officer/Faculty of Dental Sciences
    Dean/Faculty od Dental Sciences
    Prof JACK Jayawardena - Coordinator
    Prof WMPSK Wijekoon – Coordinator - IT infrastructure facilities
    Prof RM Jayasinghe
    Dr WBMCRD Weerasekera
    Dr Nadeesha Piyarathne
    Dr Udari Abeyasinghe
    Dr Sakuntha Ratnapriya
    Dr LAA Pradeepika
    Dr Gayani Nawarathna
    Ms N Jayawardena
    Mr D Ihalagedera
    Ms KMM Menike
    Mr HMUA Herath
    Mr AGS Gamage
    Mr Sandeep Alahakoon
    Ms UGS Kavithna
    Ms WYD Wijerathna
    Ms TANR Thibbutumunuwa
    Mr RMMH Bandara
    Mr KVGBT Chandrasekara
    Prof KM Wijerathne - Director/DATS
    Heads of Departments - Restorative/Prosthetics/Oral &Maxilofacial Surgery & Basic Sciences or Nominee
    Heads of Divisions - Paedodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontology, Oral Medicine & Microbiology or Nominee
    Senior Technical Officer - Appointed by the Faculty Board Directors Dental Services or Nominees from three Armed Forces
    Nominee - From the Ministry of Health
    Prof MP Paranagama- Chairperson
    Prof A Tilakaratne
    Prof JACK Jayawardana
    Prof BGTL Nandasena
    Prof JAMS Jayatihlake
    Prof MCN Fonseka
    Prof NSS Jayasuriya
    Dr KSND Gunawardana
    Dr BKG Tilakaratne

    Chairman or/ Nominee - Postgraduate & Higher Degrees Committee
    Chairman - Faculty Research Committee

    Outside Members
    Prof MAM Sitheeque
    Dr Kumari Thoradeniya
    Mr ANM Salgado
    Dr GK Edirisinghe– Coordiantor
    Prof IP Thilakumara - Department of Prosthetics
    Prof EMUCK Herath - Division of Paedodontics
    Prof RD Jayasinghe - Division of Oral Medicine
    Prof MCN Fonseka - Department of Restorative Dentistry
    Dr D Leuke Bandara - Division of Periodontilogy
    Prof NSS Jayasuriya - Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    Prof RM Jayasinghe - Department of Prosthetics
    Dr WBMCRD Weerasekara - Division of Orthodontics
    Dean/ Faculty of Dental Sciences – Co-Chairman
    Director/ Teaching Hospital Peradeniya Co-Chairman
    Deputy Director/ Dental Hospital- Co-Chairperson
    All Clinical Heads of Departments and Divisions
    Clinical Coordinator – Faculty of Dental Sciences
    Assistant Clinical Coordinatorv- Faculty of Dental Sciences
    Coordinator – Infection Control Committee/ Faculty of Dental Sciences
    Coordinator – Diagnostic Clinic
    Dr PSK Nanayakkara – Consultant Anaesthetist
    Dental Surgeon In-charge
    Matron / Faculty of Dental Sciences
    Matron / Dental Hospital (MOH)
Dr MCN Fonseka - Chairman
All Semester Coordinators:
Semester 1 & 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6
Semester 7
Semester 8
Semester 9
Semester 10
Coordinator/ Undergraduate Division
Co-Coordinator/ Undergraduate Division
Academic Coordinator/Examination Division-
Director/ UDDE
Prof RW Pallegama
Prof BSMS Siriwardena
Prof EMUCK Herath
Prof BMHSK Banneheka
Prof IP Thilakumara
Dr GK Edirisinghe
Dr WAMUL Abeyasinghe

  • Curriculum Development Policy and Key Guidelines of the Faculty of Dental Sciences
    • Prof EMUCK Herath – Coordinator
      Prof EAPD Amaratunga
      Prof A Tilakaratne
      Prof BMHSK Banneheka
      Prof Dileep De Silva Dr HMTDK Herath
      Prof MP Paranagama
      Dr KSND Gunawardena
      All senior student counsellors

      Link for University Career Guidance Unit

    Terms of Reference and Standard of Procedure for Subcommittees