Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Certificate Courses

Certificate Course in Surgical Management of Oral Cancer with Reconstructive Methods

Introduction and Background

OMFS Unit at Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

The Dental Hospital (Teaching) in Peradeniya is the sole premier Dental teaching institution in Sri Lanka. The OMF Surgery Unit of this hospital maintained by the Department of OMF Surgery, Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya is being recognized as a centre of excellence by the International Association of OMF Surgeons. From its inception in 1998, this unit was visited by eminent surgeons from the U.K and Japan for conducting training programmes.

The unit serves patients in need of cleft surgery, oral cancer surgery, facial trauma, orthognathic surgery and microvasular surgery. The Consultant staff of the unit consists of six senior OMF surgeons with a strong training experience and research background. Out of these four ( one professor and three senior lecturers) have special interest in surgical treatment of Oral Cancer. The unit comprise of two Operating Theaters with facilities for advanced surgeries including operating microscopes, three beds Intensive Care Unit and a fourty bed ward. The unit has been conducting capacity building training programmes for oral surgeons local and overseas.

Training programmes in Surgical Treatment Of Oral Cancer

Surgical Treatment of Oral Cancer includes resection of Primary tumour in the oral cavity, neck dissection and reconstruction of tissue defects with pedicled and free flaps. During the recent past much effort has been focused on decreasing morbidity from surgery, preservation of tissue and improving functional outcomes. An adequate knowledge and skill on the flap techniques will be essential for the practicing surgeons in this field.

In Sri Lanka, the post Graduate Institute of medicine (PGIM), University of Colombo, conducts a MD course in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery leading to Board certification as a consultant. This four year course is aimed for local trainees who get maximum exposure at training centers which include the Faculty of Dental Sciences. The Ministry of Health release these trainees for 4-5 years for the local and foreign components of the training programme. Almost all newly passed out consultant surgeons through this programme gain adequate knowledge and skill on surgical management of oral cancer. Therefore Ministry of Health may not allow these surgeons additional long term leave to follow certificate courses.

On the other hand there is growing demand from the neighboring countries on refreshing course oriented for clinicians in this field especially in the surgical treatment of oral cancer.

As an internationally recognizes centre for training with adequate infrastructure and teaching staff the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery intends to other this certificate course which will be more appropriate for foreign counterparts.

Target group and required qualifications

This course is intended for practicing surgeons to improve their knowledge in the surgical management of oral cancer including hands on skill on pedicled and free flaps. Practicing Surgeons and Postgraduate Trainees in fields of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Oto-rhino – laryngology would benefit from this course.

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