Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya


    Mahapola Scholarships

    Dental Students can apply for Mahapola Scholarships awarded by the Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund. The Mahapola Trust Fund offers two categories of scholarships.
      i. Mahapola Higher Education Merit Scholarships awarded on the basis of merit. The selection for the scholarship is based on the GCE Advanced Level Examination.
      ii. Mahapola Higher Education Scholarships are awarded to needy students with financial difficulties in the form of bursaries.

    University Bursaries

    Dental students who need financial assistance can apply for these bursaries of Rs. 10,000/- or Rs. 9,000/- per year. This will be granted in ten installments depending on the degree of financial need.

    University Grants Commission Bursaries for Needy Students

    Students can also apply to the UGC for these bursaries.

    Dental Faculty Scholarship Fund sponsored by the Dental Students Union (for 1 student)

    This fund grants scholarships to students of the Faculty of Dental Sciences who are in financial difficulties. The bursary consists of forty installments and is limited to ten installments per year.

    Dr Dilanka Dias Bursary (for 2 students)

    This is endowed by the family of Lakshmen Dias to needy students from the second year (3rd semester ) onwards to needy students

    Dr Neil Gunawardhana Bursary (for 4 students)

    Endowed by the family of late Dr Neil Gunawardhana for needy students in the final year

    AAUP studentships

    Every year ………… scholarships are awarded to needy dental undergraduates by the Peradeniya University Alumni Association studentships.