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Faculty of Dental Sciences

University of Peradeniya

Student Welfare

All the dental undergraduates get accommodation facilities for 4 years (except in the second year in which you have to stay in private rooms near university) in the halls of residence located within the university premises. In these halls, you will get a furnished room to share with 2-3 colleagues. Washrooms and shower areas are shared by the students residing on the same floor. In the canteen located within the halls of residence, you can buy your meals at subsidized rates and enjoy it with your friends in the dining room. There is a common room with recreational facilities and a beautiful garden full of trees and flowers for you to relax and enjoy during your leisure time. You will also have laundry facilities, a tailor shop, a salon, a co-operative shop and a post office located within the university premises to cater your every day needs. Living in halls of residence is a great way to make friends and get involved in social activities.

  • Contact No:
  • Mr. A.N. Siriwardena
  • Director / Student Accommodation
    Office No: 081-2392328

  • For further information please visit:

The university health centre, located on Sangamitta Hills is open from 8.00 -4.00 pm on weekdays to take care of your health issues. Even at night, health care facilities are available on call. During weekends also, emergency cases are attended. In addition, you have easy access to Peradeniya Teaching Hospital for general health care and our own Dental Teaching Hospital for oral health care.

The Faculty student counseling unit and the student welfare and advisory committee helps our students to overcome their academic, financial and psychological problems throughout their student life. In addition, academic mentors also regularly monitor the progress of students’ academic performance and social wellbeing.

    Contact No:
  • Chairman/Student Welfare and Advisory Committee

  • Prof. BMHSK Banneheka, Department of Basic Sciences
    Mobile: 071-7804140
    Office: 081-2397225
    Email: bmhsk@yahoo.com

  • Convener/Student Counseling and Career Guidance Unit

  • Dr HMTDK Herath, Division of Pharmacology,
    Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology.
    Mobile: 071-8011355
    Office: 081-2397555
    Email: dharanieth@yahooo.com

  • Senior student counselors

  • 1. Dr. (Ms) D. Leuke Bandara,
    Division of Periodontology, Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology
    Mobile: 071-8011355
    Office: 081-2397457
    Email: dhanulb@yahoo.com

    2. Dr (Ms) WBMCRD Weerasekera,
    Division of Orthodontics, Department of Community Dentistry
    Mobile: 071-8385478
    Office: 081- 2397344
    Email: c.weerasekera@yahoo.com

    3. Dr. (Ms) P.V.S.K. Hettiarachchi,
    Division of Oral Medicine, Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology
    Mobile: 077-1643080, 077-7373080
    Office: 081-2397455
    Email: kalaniz2004@yahoo.com

    4. Dr. (Ms) I.P. Thilakumara,
    Department of Prosthetic Dentistry
    Mobile: 071-9808026
    Office: 081-2397382
    Email: ithilakumara@yahoo.com

Security of university students is taken care of by the University proctor, deputy proctors attached to the faculty and the Marshal unit of the University. They will take every possible preventive measure to minimize ragging and all forms of student misconduct. Security regarding university property or any incident of breach of law is taken care of by security division of the university. Security posts are located in the faculty, hostels and the senate.

There’s a range of financial help available for needy students at the Faculty of Dental Sciences. The students who are not eligible for Mahapola scholarship scheme can apply for university scholarships awarded by the Peradeniya University Alumni association, University bursaries, and Faculty scholarships awarded by the Dental Faculty Scholarship Fund, Sri Lanka Dental Association and several Alumni groups. Even private scholarships can be arranged through the Student Welfare and Advisory Committee and mentors.

  • Contact No:

  • Prof. BMHSK Banneheka,
    Chairman, Student welfare and advisory committee
    Mobile: 071-7804140
    Office: 081-2397225
    Email: bmhsk@yahoo.com

    For more information please visit:

The university gymnasium, swimming pool, athletic tracks and fields, cricket pitch, soccer and rugby foot ball grounds, tennis and basketball courts and the hockey pitch welcome both novices and experts in sports to relax, enjoy and compete through sports. You may even get an opportunity to represent the faculty at interfaculty tournaments, represent the university at inter university tournaments or represent the country at international tournaments. The annual sports event of the faculty is Dents Games. It gives you a chance to compete with your fellow students as well as the academic and non academic staff of the faculty. The winners of dents games will receive awards and certificates at Dents Night.
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We promote the development of aesthetic skills of our students through extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. They have ample opportunities to develop and showcase their talents both at the faculty level and the university level. At the faculty level, extracurricular aesthetic events such as variety entertainment, annual musical show (Gee Padura) drama competitions and events organized by the art circle and co-curricular aesthetic events such as street dramas and stage dramas to celebrate the World Oral Health Day, medical and dental exhibitions and faculty open days are organized. In addition, our students get opportunities to master music, dancing, art and drama in the classes organized by university arts circle and participate in students literary festival and also join choir singing with eminent singers at annual musical shows organized by all 9 faculties.

The Peoples Bank and the Bank of Ceylon have established university branches in the University administrative (senate) building in order to provide convenient banking facilities for university students. However, the most easily accessible bank for dental students is Peradeniya Branch of the Bank of Ceylon since it adjoins the Faculty of Dental Sciences.

The Buddhist temple, Hindu temple, Christian and Catholic churches and the mosque located within the university premises let our students to participate in religious activities with their fellow students from all nine faculties in our university. Our students organize various religious events which promote religious and cultural harmony among our students.

Our students have an exciting calendar of social events both at the faculty level and the university level to improve their social relationships. Freshers’ welcome, Going down, Gee padura (musical show), Annual pirith chanting and alms giving and Dents games are some of the faculty events. At the university level, there are a lot of student clubs and societies to promote social activities.